Jacques Cousteau at Blue Springs in Volusia County

Famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau visits Blue Spring in Volusia county to film a documentary on the manatees that depend on it’s warm water for their survival. The film helped to bring the plight of the manatees and the need to protect their habitat to the public’s attention and was a catalyst for the State’s purchase of Blue Springs and several hundred acres along the river.

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The Wacissa Spring Group lies at the northern end of the Aucilla Wildlife Management Area in Jefferson
County and forms the headwaters of the Wacissa River. Over twenty springs form a cluster that runs
along the river. A public boat ramp allows for easy access to the core of the spring cluster. This dense
core contains Log, Thomas, Wacissa #1-4, and Acuilla springs, which together form a large bowl of fast-
flowing water. Along the run, large patches of Coontail compete with beds of Hydrilla beneath the clear
water. The combined magnitude and isolation of the Wacissa springs make the location one of the most
pristine in the state, earning the system a spot on the list of OFSs despite none of the individual springs
flowing at the first magnitude.